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Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Our Team.

Your Questions Answered.

The Team at Recover Newport Beach offers compassionate and loving care for your recovery needs. Our team is made up of clinicians and support staff who come from various personal and clinical backgrounds and have all experienced first hand the impact of having an eating disorder or trauma as well as the experience and freedom of recovering from it all. We believe in a holistic approach to recovery that includes connecting you to your body, your spirit, your values, your community and your hopes and dreams for a brighter future. Our hope is to help you see the freedom gained in recovery so you can live without the limitations and superficial rules that have kept you stuck. We use our own recovery stories to help instill hope and compassion in our clients and to create a safe environment that fosters self-love and acceptance.

Answered By Our Expert Team

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Our office is located at 1101 Dove Street, Suite 220 in Newport Beach, CA.

We offer both in-person and virtual therapy and recovery coaching for CA clients and their families. We offer virtual recovery coaching and various group services both nationally and internationally. In-home services are offered for Southern CA clients.

Yes! Groups are offered both virtually and in-person. Please contact us to learn more about our current groups.

Admissions & Intake

To get started, please fill out a contact form or call our office directly at (949) 992-3585 to schedule your initial 15 minute consultation.

Once you submit your inquiry, you will be contacted by one of our clinicians for a 15 minute zoom or phone consultation to assess your recovery needs and allow you an opportunity to ask questions about the treatment process.

Payment & Insurance

We are not contracted with any insurance plans at this time and fees will be collected at the time of service. We do provide you with a payment invoice that includes the information necessary for you to receive insurance reimbursement for our services, if your plan allows you to see  out-of-network-providers. 

It is recommended that you contact your insurance company directly to verify your out-of-network benefits and understand your company’s reimbursement process.  

** Recovery coaching and group therapy are not generally billable to insurance.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and HSA or FSA payments.

We offer a variety of services that vary in cost.  Please contact us for more details about pricing. 

Questions About Treatment

We offer individual, couples and family therapy in the state of CA, both virtually and in-person. Recovery coaching for individuals and families is offered Nationally and Worldwide through our virtual services. Our skill-building process, movement and breathwork groups are offered in-person in our CA office and Nationally and Worldwide through virtual services. 

Therapy at Recover Newport Beach is generally focused on diagnosing and treating eating disorders and the underlying trauma. It is intended to help you connect your past with the present and to identify, process and cope with the feelings that continue to get in the way of having a healthy, happy life. Therapy can be short or long term depending on your specific history and current needs. 


Recovery at Recover Newport Beach coaching is available to help you with your day to day goals and challenges and does not focus on underlying issues, like trauma and family history. Recovery coaching is not intended to take the place of therapy and is typically concurrent with eating disorder and trauma therapy. Your coach will work with your therapist and will act more like a mentor, helping you with meal support, body image issues, healthy relationship to exercise, food and clothes shopping, etc. 


In some cases, individuals may be in a place where recovery coaching is all they need. This will be assessed during your intake and recommended based on where you are in the recovery process and your specific needs.

Holistic recovery is aimed at connecting your mind with your body and spirit so that your healing embodies all parts of you. Besides talk therapy and recovery coaching, we offer various  individual and group services such as somatic experiencing, yoga, breathworks and dance therapy to help you feel connected and aligned with your healing. 

Your first session will include a thorough intake of your present and past so that your clinician can assess your needs, formulate a treatment plan and make proper recommendations for treatment.   

Based on your specific needs, you and your clinician will decide on the type and frequency of services necessary to help you heal and move forward in your recovery process. 

Our services are specifically designed to treat individuals with eating disorders, disordered relationship with food, body dysmorphia, obsessive dieting and exercise addiction. Our therapists are trained in various modalities for treating the underlying trauma, that is typically at the root of many mental health issues, especially  eating disorders and addictions. Our Recovery Coaches and Group Facilitators are also trained in trauma-informed care. We also treat various mental health issues, like OCD, anxiety and depression, as they are often intertwined with eating disorders. 

We work with individuals, couples and families. We also offer various types of group therapy. Click here to find out more information about our services. 

We work with women and girls, ages 12 and up, and their partners and extended families. 

For Loved Ones

We offer one-on-one couples and family therapy, recovery coaching for parents and family support group therapy. 

Parent Coaching is intended to help parents learn about eating disorder recovery, navigate the day to day issues that their child is experiencing as they are healing from their eating disorder and to help the family establish relationships that are not centered around the eating disorder to improve family interactions. It is designed to be a source of support for parents so that they can learn how to best support their child in recovery.

Yes! We offer therapy and recovery coaching sessions in person at our S. CA office as well as in-home when needed. Our recovery coaching services are offered nationally and worldwide via virtual services. Group therapy is offered both in-person and virtually. 

Click here to find out more about family services.

For Providers

You may click here or call our office at (949) 992-3585 to get in touch with us.  

To refer your client or their family, please contact us by clicking here or calling our office at (949) 992-3585. Together we will assess your client’s needs and recommend appropriate services. 

Besides individual, couple and family therapy, we offer recovery coaching for individuals and families, skill building and process groups, yoga, breathwork and dance therapy. Recovery coaching services include meal support, shopping for clothes, support for doctor visits, etc. 

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