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Maja Re, BA Arts & Communication

Breathwork , Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master

More About Maja

Hello and welcome to Recover Newport Beach! I’m Maja, I am the yoga, movement and breathwork facilitator and I am excited to work with you to help you transform your relationship with yourself through connecting and aligning your mind, body and soul. I have always been drawn to working with and supporting people, especially women. Being able to have a positive impact on how someone experiences their life is what keeps me going and gives me purpose. I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years and my love and appreciation for its beauty and the joy that it brings into my life grows every day. Yoga and breathwork have helped me change my life and learn how to live it with purpose and passion. These practices taught me how to tune in, listen to and trust my inner experience, which became my guide to know what to do and how to get through hardships.

Whether through yoga practice, breathwork or meditation, I want to teach you how to use your own body to help you heal and support you in the most authentic way. I offer a unique, artistic and comprehensive approach to yoga and breathing practices that encourages my clients to stay present and connect with their body to allow space to heal their hearts from stuck traumas. I help my clients reconsider their relationship with movement and the concept of exercise and foster an environment that honors the body and helps it feel safe and strong.

In my personal time, I enjoy being in nature and spending time with my husband and our family and friends, camping, hiking and exploring new places. I love traveling and learning about new cultures and how people connect with and practice their spirituality. I feel very connected to yoga and often spend time meditating and practicing yoga for my own personal growth and healing.

I am currently providing yoga and breathwork sessions for individuals and groups. Services for our Southern CA clients can be held in-person at our beautiful Newport Beach office, or in-person at your home. We also offer virtual services to our clients across CA, the US and internationally.

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What Makes Us Different?

A Team of Women Who Really Care.

Our team is made up of caring, compassionate women who have walked the recovery walk and are here to support your recovery efforts no matter where you are along your journey. Click below to meet our team, we are excited to work with you!


Hanan Elshennawy, MA, LMFT

Eating Disorder & Trauma Specialist

Founder and CEO


Maja Re, BA Arts & Communication

Breathwork & Yoga Instructor

Reiki Master


Samantha Reeve, BS-Dietetics, MA

Eating Disorder Recovery & Life Skills Coach


Stacey Photo 1

Stacey Inal, LMFT, MA, MBA, PMH-C

Eating Disorder & Trauma Therapist

Primary Therapist


Katiana Goshtasby, MA, AMFT

Eating Disorder & Trauma Therapist

Counselor Supervised by Hanan


Stephanie Parker, MA, AMFT

Eating Disorder & Trauma Therapist

Counselor Supervised by Hanan


Emily Pellegrine, BA Dietetics

Eating Disorder Recovery & Life Skills Coach

Recovery Coach

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Our Process is Easy

Reach Out
Step 1
Reach out for a free consultation so we can learn more about your personal needs and connect you with the right services.
Reach Out
Personalized Solutions
Step 2
You and your clinician will develop a personalized treatment plan that fits your unique needs.
Personalized Solutions
The Work Begins
Step 3
Our services are both virtual and in-person and include individual therapy, recovery services including meal prep, restaurant outings, in-home meal support, shopping for clothes, group support and mindful movement.
The Work Begins
Recovery Through Healing
Step 4
Through commitment and hard work, we will help you find your personal path to recovery with support & encouragement every step of the way.
Recovery Through Healing

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