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Stacy Marsh

Eating Disorder Recovery & Life Skills Coach

More About Stacy

Hello! I’m Stacy. Welcome to Recover Newport Beach. I’m so glad you’re here!

I am a therapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, trauma and the related problems and experiences client’s face. My therapeutic work integrates talk therapy modalities with mind-body connection and somatic and embodiment practices. This holistic approach more fully addresses the presence and impact of trauma and other problems on our minds, bodies, emotions and cognition to cultivate increased self-awareness and insight and facilitate deep and sustained healing and change.

My personal experiences with trauma, PTSD and years of disordered eating and body-image problems contribute to the meaning of this work for me and the ways in which I stand alongside my clients and support them in their journeys to overcome and heal from suffering. An integrative mind/body approach (including therapy, meditation, yoga and EMDR) was an important part of my own recovery process, and I have a deep passion for the compassionate, holistic approach to healing and treatment provided at Recover Newport Beach.  

I hold a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. My work as a therapist draws from my experience and extensive training in narrative therapy, positive psychology, somatic practices, neuroscience, EMDR, DBT and life coaching and integrates other therapeutic approaches as beneficial considering each client’s specific needs, strengths, values and experiences. In addition to my focus on trauma and eating disorders, I am experienced supporting clients with a range of concerns including, anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, relational distress, chronic stress, feelings of inadequacy and personal failure, perfectionism, life transitions, grief and loss, substance misuse, parenting challenges and in general, the difficulties that go along with being human. I provide an open and safe space for clients that is non-judging, non-pathologizing, empathetic, connected and genuine.  My therapeutic approach is compassionate and collaborative and meets clients wherever they are in their journeys.

Aside from my work, some of my favorite things in life are connecting with family and friends, reading, creative projects, watching football, travel and spending time in the mountains. I relish opportunities to relax and recharge and enjoy simple moments, like drinking a latte by the fire or appreciating nature on a walk. I am married and a mother of 3 children, 2 dogs, 2 bunnies and some fish!

I am a therapist because I truly love this work. Helping people escape from suffering, reclaim their lives and be more of who they want to be in the world is what fulfills and inspires me. Living your fullest life and creating the future you aspire to have is possible! I would be honored to support you on your recovery journey.

What Makes Us Different?

A Team of Women Who Really Care.

Our team is made up of caring, compassionate women who have walked the recovery walk and are here to support your recovery efforts no matter where you are along your journey. Click below to meet our team, we are excited to work with you!


Hanan Elshennawy, MA, LMFT

Eating Disorder & Trauma Specialist

Founder and CEO


Maja Re, BA Arts & Communication

Breathwork & Yoga Instructor Reiki Master

Samantha Reeve, BS-Dietetics, MA

Eating Disorder Recovery & Life Skills Coach
stacyimageCAPP copy2

Stacy Marsh, MA, AMFT

Eating Disorder & Trauma Therapist

Associate Supervised by Hanan


Katina Goshtasby, MA, AMFT

Eating Disorder & Trauma Therapist

Associate Supervised by Hanan

Stacey Photo 1

Stacey Inal, LMFT, MA, MBA, PMH-C

Eating Disorder & Trauma Therapist
Stephanie Parker

Stephanie Parker, MA, AMFT

Eating Disorder & Trauma Therapist

Associate Supervised by Hanan


Emily Pellegrine, BA Dietetics

Eating Disorder Recovery & Life Skills Coach

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Reach out for a free consultation so we can learn more about your personal needs and connect you with the right services.
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Personalized Solutions
Step 2
You and your clinician will develop a personalized treatment plan that fits your unique needs.
Personalized Solutions
The Work Begins
Step 3
Our services are both virtual and in-person and include individual therapy, recovery services including meal prep, restaurant outings, in-home meal support, shopping for clothes, group support and mindful movement.
The Work Begins
Recovery Through Healing
Step 4
Through commitment and hard work, we will help you find your personal path to recovery with support & encouragement every step of the way.
Recovery Through Healing

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